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Power assisted milkshake

Have you ever had a milkshake that was so thick you could lay bricks with it? Have you tried to suck up the ice cream in a Coke float and gone blue in the face?

Well, now your problems are solved with our power-assisted straws. Tongue activated, the ingenious little motor sucks up your drink and squirts it into your mouth at a pleasant rate.

No more in-growing cheeks, no more bloodshot eyes, now you can get battery-operated brain-freeze double quick time.
-- DrCurry, Nov 14 2003

My first thought was that this would be used for purposes other than intended. My second thought was that this was therefore likely baked in the local stag shop.
-- lintkeeper2, Nov 14 2003

tongue activated? how precisely? well not precisely just a clue!
-- po, Nov 15 2003

I see this as a device which can be used on normal straws. Just insert a normal straw and pairs of rollers squeeze the straw and roll up the top, then detach and go back to the bottom of the straw.
-- hippo, Nov 15 2003

for every straw there is a sucker +
-- xenzag, Nov 11 2005

[*Not* going there!]
-- DrCurry, Nov 11 2005

Yeah...the "self sucking" part threw me for a loop, too. I guess I'm going to have to go back to "mind cleaning" school. I do like the idea of this straw, though. I love pineapple shakes and it is kind of fun to struggle the little bits of pineapple up through the straw. So, I probably wouldn't use it. I give this a bun just because I think it would be a real challenge to develop the mechanism...has to be self cleaning, highly a shirt pocket, perhaps, appeal to a very limited class of consumer (those who are nuts about sucking thick liquids), very inexpensive..less than ten dollars retail...and not be noisy. Perhaps some sort of "squeeze bulb" device, or a trigger type like a window cleaner sprayer.
-- Blisterbob, Nov 11 2005

You could sell a standard sized lid with a blowing device, tackling this from the other direction. You'll get rid of any cleaning issues (except in the case of cup failure).
-- Worldgineer, Nov 11 2005

Maybe a pair of rollers that you could clamp on to the straw and run up and down. They would release when rolled down but tighten when rolled up again.
-- wagster, Nov 12 2005

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