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Self-winding Pacemaker   (+5)  [vote for, against]
Magnet resonantly suspended in chamber to produce power

We are starting with a nice rhythmic heartbeat, why not harness that to power the pacemaker? The power cell is a spherical chamber with a magnet suspended in the center. The suspension is resonant with the standard heart beat, so the device could either be directly or acoustically coupled to the heart. The resonant design will allow even small vibrations to magnify till the power can be bled off by inductors arranged around the chamber to produce power.
-- MisterQED, Jun 02 2009

Another percussion beat for the heart song under the stethoscope.
-- wjt, Jun 03 2009

Aaah, no self-winding Peacemaker? Most of them are full of hot air.
-- 4whom, Jun 03 2009

//Another percussion beat for the heart song under the stethoscope// No, the central magnet should never hit the wall as energy put in would be bled out as electricity, so the magnet should just "swing" silently inside the sphere.
-- MisterQED, Jun 04 2009

Ah, but think of the old school stem winder applications for this.

"Are you feeling okay?"

"Oh, I just forgot to wind my..."
-- normzone, Jun 04 2009

"Quick - put him into the recovery position and make sure he's pointing due North!"
-- MaxwellBuchanan, Jun 04 2009

Good idea. Let the heart power itself. Certainly better than gluing solar cells to your hat.
-- ldischler, Jun 04 2009

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