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Find your way around the supermarket

Ever wandered round in circles in the supermarket looking for the tuna? Now your trolly can tell you which way to go!

Each trolly has a small touch-screen on the handle for entering products. The trolly will then guide you to to the correct shelf location for that product, using simple Left, Right, Straight Ahead instructions. And for the super efficient there is also a Palm Pilot docking station, for pre-entered shopping lists (maybe Bluetooth). The trolly will decide the optimum order of picking up products, based on your current location in the supermarket.

Should be fairly easy to implement using small radio trancievers, and if that fails, there's always GPS!
-- simonj, Jul 22 2003

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Ok, but do I have to call it a "trolley" ?
-- DeathNinja, Jul 23 2003

sweet - no more asking "customer service assistants" where to find sugar and being told "sorry I don't know, I've only just started working here"
-- drainfood, Jul 23 2003

Hmmm... when I go shopping, I only have the vaguest idea of what Im gonna buy. I tend to wander round in a zen-like trance and rely on happening to spot things I require. Can this trolley have a Google, 'I'm feeling lucky' button for me please?
-- moomintroll, Nov 02 2004

<quote> Hmmm... when I go shopping, I only have the vaguest idea of what Im gonna buy. I tend to wa........ </quote> well, It can remember you and take you there the next time.Hows that?
-- kamathln, Feb 05 2005

[shopping trolley thinks] 'wait a minute.. we've just passed the fish counter for the third time. Lemme just access the security cameras... hmm, white belly, large nose, no hair, oh ho, I know who this is. Let's get ya home, big fella.'
-- moomintroll, Feb 05 2005

Just read in the paper that this is being baked in Germany, almost identical to this idea first posted in 2003!
-- simonj, Jul 23 2006

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