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Vehicle: Bicycle: Anti-theft
Semi quick release saddle   (+8)  [vote for, against]
To prevent theft of saddle

On most bikes nowadays, there is a mechanism for the 'quick release' of your bike saddle, making it easier to adjust at a moments notice. This is great, because it doesn't require the usage of an alan key I think was what my old bike used to need.
However recently some little fool used this quick release to steal my bike saddle, not the bike, because that was locked up, oh no just the saddle

Anyway to my idea. All quick release saddles would now have a small combination lock built into them. This means that although it may not be instantaneously quick to adjust the saddle, it only takes a couple of seconds to unlock it.
needless to say I didn't ride the bike home.
-- kaz, Jul 14 2002

Lockable saddle quick release
Uses a key rather than a combination [idris83, Mar 16 2011]

Zefal lock 'n' roll
Quick release skewers that only release when upside-down! [idris83, Mar 16 2011]

thought this was going to be an ejector saddle
-- po, Jul 14 2002

I suppose there could be a tamper system built in so that if a potential thief tryed stealing the saddle, it could use compressed CO2 to fire itself into the air, thus smacking the thief square in the chops, thereby rendering them unconscious. It could then reel itself back into place and lock into position again.
-- kaz, Jul 14 2002

Unless you're sharing the bike, saddles don't need to be adjusted enough to require a quick release. I think the main purpose of them is so that you can remove the saddle and take it with you to make it harder for someone to ride the bike away.
-- MechE, Mar 16 2011

or steal the saddle. If you want the bike to be harder to ride away, why not have a removable pedal? Less bulky to carry around; less easy to ride a pedalless bike.
-- MaxwellBuchanan, Mar 16 2011

I need to fold my bike up sometimes to stuff it under the stairs or take it on the DLR which involves putting the saddle down, and then later, up. The saddle is quite valuable as it has a pump integrated in it so I'm keen for it to not be stolen.

I guess most people don't need them to be adjusted that often but I've noticed that sometimes after a 12 hour shift, I will find the ride home uncomfortable even though the saddle is at the same height as it was when I rode in, and requires a small adjustment, as if my legs have shrunk or grown, I can't remember which. What's up with that?
-- idris83, Mar 16 2011

Serious off road bikers might adjust the saddle up and down for different terrain. But on my utility bikes the saddles don't get adjusted from one year to the next. Your local bike shop will sell you a non-quick-release seatpost clamp to replace the QR one. Or you could purchase a small cheap combination cable lock and loop it through the saddlerails and seatstays.
-- pocmloc, Mar 17 2011

// Or you could purchase a small cheap combination cable lock and loop it through the saddlerails and seatstays. //

This would get quite annoying after not very long.
-- idris83, Mar 17 2011

//This would get quite annoying after not very long.//

Hey, that's never stopped me.
-- MaxwellBuchanan, Mar 17 2011

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