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Computer: Browsing
Sentence Structure Browser Filter   (+13, -2)  [vote for, against]
Serving very little purpose

This browser comes with a filter tool with various options, allowing you to select or deselect various types of sentence structure.

When you browse a webpage, and have the filter enabled, the filter replaces all sentences of the filtered-out variety with whitespace.

There might be some good reasons why someone would want to only read present-tense sentences, or to filter out sentences with intransitive verbs, or to only read things written in Third Person Plural Conditional Past Perfect Continuous form.

Or perhaps not.

Still, even if there are no *good* reasons, this browser option would still be useful to anyone suffering from idle curiosity, procrastination or madness.
-- imaginality, Mar 25 2008

I do some writing from time to time (getting published this year) and one of my frequent gramatical screw-ups is dropping in and out of the tense I started with. It would be nice to have something to scan through and make sure everything is in the right tense. [+] And the curiosity/madness.
-- MikeD, Mar 25 2008

Riight.. Mm-hmm, insane? Well if you're insane, it'd be great, but I can't really think of any time I'd use it..
-- TahuNuva, Mar 31 2008

This reminds me of something that happened to me a while back. Ahh, I miss those days.
-- daseva, Mar 31 2008

Excuse me, I don't \\suffer\\ from procrastination! I exalt in it! I flourish in it!

Or, at least I would if I could find the time for it.
-- Canuck, Mar 31 2008

Such a tool would be very useful for detecting some forms of spam, and "translations" from one language into gibberish via translating programs... two things I'd rather not see in my searches anyway.
-- ye_river_xiv, Apr 01 2008

[daseva] How poignant.
-- MikeD, Apr 01 2008

Before you write a tool to filter sentences in a browser, try just writing a tool to parse English. That’s a hard enough problem on its own. Minused because this idea depends on a problem people have been struggling with for years that still hasn’t been solved, and it doesn’t acknowledge the difficulty of solving that problem.
-- Rory O'Kane, Mar 01 2011

Where does he specify English? Maybe this is for Volapük. After all, the proposal explicitly disclaims utility.
-- mouseposture, Mar 02 2011

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