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Fashion: Trend
Sequential Dress Decoration   (+4)  [vote for, against]
Stick-on or snap-on decorations to change a basic dress

Recently I saw in eBay the description of a dress that went: "Dress decorated with sequence." This got me to thinking that a basically designed dress could come with various trims to change it for different occasions. There could be strands of rhinestones, floral trims, seQUINs, pearls, or what-have-you to snap (or stick) on to dress it up for a fancy party, an afternoon out, a morning coffee, or whatever. For attaching the decorations, the dress could have a very fine velcro weave around the neck and other areas (the loopy part which would look almost like velvet), and the trims could have the hook part. Or, the fabric of the garment could be a loose weave, so that the trims could be attached with a little pin and backing like ear studs. People would think you had an unlimited wardrobe.
-- TeaTotal, Aug 08 2002

apparently Her Majesty is rather tight fisted and has been doing this for years. I always knew there was something regal about you. TT. cannot call it baked as I am relying on hearsay.
-- po, Aug 08 2002

Great, more puzzles to figure out on that first, er uh, second, um I mean 10th date. Damn bra latch is hard enough!
-- dag, Aug 08 2002

all the men repeat after me: "Thank God (or whoever) that I am a Guy and do not have to worry about this shit"
-- rbl, Aug 08 2002

Thank God that I am ->Urk!

<gets dragged off by militant fem-bots..>
-- yamahito, Aug 08 2002

thank god, I am a tellytubby - would someone please tell me how I get out of this b****y all-in-one-thing. god its hot in here. (pull/shove/"shit"/grab/"get orf me Tinky",/shove/"f**k"/pull/sliver/rip/oh god/push/slither) OUT . relief - breathe again.
-- po, Aug 08 2002

I would like one of these as a long ball gown in green for my Christmas tree. I could just throw on my decorations.
-- FarmerJohn, Aug 09 2002

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