Food: Genital
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Size (and weight, by the lb/g) matters!

I dunno, I have had two crotch-related ideas today, and maybe it's pushing it a little, but here goes (and sorry if you find this offensive):

A grocery store that specializes in appropriately-sized cucumbers, carrots, hot dogs, sausages, doughnuts, pies, etc... nuff said. I'm a tomato; I get turned on by this sort of thing.
-- polartomato, Aug 08 2002

Sextable Porn
[DrCurry, Aug 08 2002, last modified Oct 05 2004]

But those tomatoes are... naked. [st3f, Aug 08 2002, last modified Oct 05 2004]

With recipie ideas? Erotic murder mystery kits?
It's sick but I kinda like it
-- madradish, Aug 08 2002

Produce With Fetishes: The Video-- too hot for TV!
-- watermelancholy, Aug 08 2002

From the video:
The Swede touched her melons and she his pea and bell peppers. "Lettuce cucumber together," he sighed as he radished and garliced her.
-- FarmerJohn, Aug 08 2002

Oh, come now. It isn't polite to watch the salad dressing. Re-produce needs its privacy.

By the way, does anyone else find it strange that the polartomato, madradish, and watermelancholy are all names that sound like a veggie or fruit, and FarmerJohn sounds like a farmer? Where's PotatoStew?
-- polartomato, Aug 08 2002

I'm confused. I thought grocery stores already sold appropriately sized cucumbers, etc....?
-- DrCurry, Aug 08 2002

mental note: don't eat the salad at polartomato's house.
-- rbl, Aug 08 2002

<disturbing mental image>Playfruit magazine... </disturbing mental image>
-- BinaryCookies, Aug 08 2002

[blissmiss]: You are making me laugh with your annotating. "Date." Ha ha ha ho ho ho.
-- earl, Aug 08 2002

anything with big leaves, blissy. for pete's sake.
-- po, Aug 08 2002

use your imagination, blissy. its your most useful tool.
-- po, Aug 08 2002

I am interested in the doughnut idea - but who's to say what's the appropriate size!?!?
-- farmbrough, May 14 2004

i really cant believe there is a food: genital category! Come one HB get your collective minds out of the gutter.
-- etherman, May 14 2004

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