Product: Cell Phone: Emergency
Shiny backed smokin' mobile phone   (+1)  [vote for, against]
... for getting attention when there is no reception!

I hate it when I can't get any reception on my phone. Surely I'm not alone.

I propose a number of solutions to ensure that even when you can't get any mobile reception, your handset is still a viable communication tool :

Shiny Backed Mobile - reflect the sun, send messages via code. Works well in deserts where mobiles certainly do not.

With Zippo lighter top - enables smoke messages to be sent - and you'll never have to ask anyone for a light.
-- jonthegeologist, Jun 20 2003

LighterPhone http://www.halfbake...m/idea/LighterPhone
Integrated zippo discussed before in this idea by [benchun] [krelnik, Oct 04 2004, last modified Oct 05 2004]

slow day at work?!
-- hazel, Jun 20 2003

[JonGeoloGist], I cannot help but feel that you have not considered the ramifications of a scalding hot cell phone back, shiny or not. You might melt your cell bits down into a lump inside your shiny-backed smokin' cellphone and then where will you be?
Not to mention what would happen if half way through a mirror-message your cell phone DOES ring and you try to hold it to your head...
-- k_sra, Jun 20 2003

[k_sra] if the phone rings, it would suggest a reception. why then would you be sending mirror messages?

[auto] ... indeed, the swiss army phone. much more pratical for the discerning outdoor type.
-- jonthegeologist, Jun 20 2003

At last, a sensible suggestion for a cell-phone add-on.
-- angel, Jun 20 2003

I suggest typing out a text message. Instead of sending it via the telecomms network, just throw your phone at the person. The catch the phone, type their response and the throw it back.
-- Jinbish, Jun 20 2003

Who's for a game of "spin the cellphone?"
-- k_sra, Jun 20 2003

[kreuner] . Thinking practically, vast sums of cash has been invested into making the mobile phone a useful tool. I'm thinking only of those occasions when you don't have any "network juice" to use the parlance in my house.

If you're in a desert, a mirrored back mobile might just save your life.

What other add-ons would you all like to see?
-- jonthegeologist, Jun 20 2003

-- thumbwax, Jun 20 2003

//What other add-ons would you all like to see?//

-- k_sra, Jun 20 2003

We did the Zippo option once before, see link.
-- krelnik, Dec 11 2003

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