Business: Hotel
Shipwreck Hotel   (+9, -2)  [vote for, against]
Colour Scheme: Maroon

This themed hotel offers the highest standards in luxurious comfort, seamlessly integrated into a desert island format.

Once checked in, residents are summarily shipwrecked and once washed ashore will find the following features for their comfort and entertainment:

1) A semi-buried seachest, located on thier private stretch of beach, whose lid, upon opening, reveals a fully functioning refrigerator containing beverages, chilled coconuts and other choice snacks.

2) Cliff-top room-service signal fire - this allows the shipwrecked party to signal for more beer, or pizza to be delivered to their "room" by simply following the instructions printed on the back of the ejected pilot.

3) Wrecked ship cabin; the sterncastle of a beached galleon, housing comfortable sleeping quarters - maps and instructions provided on authentic sailcloth scrolls.

4) Communal Stockade; for those wishing to meet other guests on the island, a bar/pool complex is provided within a stockade located deeper in the island.

5) Friday service - our representatives will be on hand to ensure the well being and comfort of the hotel's guests.
-- zen_tom, Jun 09 2010

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(Newsflash: ... Two tanker ships - one carrying red paint and the other carrying blue paint have collided at sea. All the passengers are marooned ...)

Nice idea.
-- hippo, Jun 09 2010

Yes, the idea is nice.
-- swimswim, Jun 09 2010

Does it come with a cast-iron guarantee that the other guests don't include a young married couple with problems, a priest having doubts about his faith, a snotty kid, an elderly couple, a preganant woman, a cop on medical leave, a criminal on the run, a dim but attractive girl, and a background cast of heterogenous others, including one who is a crazed killer ? If it does you may have booked yourself onto the wrong movie set ...

Or there could just be giant flesh-eating tree crabs, or something.
-- 8th of 7, Jun 09 2010

... a rather dishy doctor trained in all specialities.

hey that was a plane not a boat.
-- po, Jun 09 2010

-- skinflaps, Jun 10 2010

<mumble> something about depressed people with good vision </m>
-- daseva, Jun 11 2010

Gotta make friends with the staff.
-- daseva, Jun 11 2010

No, yes, of course.. just thinking of other puns. Deep blue sea? Get it? Sorry, I'm no good at puns.
-- daseva, Jun 11 2010

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