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Fashion: Shoes
Shoe Horny   (+10, -3)  [vote for, against]
"Throw out your old shoe horns, and be free !"

My beloved and I just finished discussing the fate of a brace of shoe horns that she uncovered in de-sludging our love nest.

We decided that since every time you buy a pair of shoes worthy of horning they throw in a shoe horn, we could toss the shoe horns as part of our campaign to feng shui our lives in advance of relocating the domicile to a more commuter-friendly location.

Enter Horny Shoes...each piece of footwear comes with a shoe horn boldly announcing itself from the toe of the shoe. Simply use one to put on the other, and then the other to put on the one.

Illustrations would be gratefully accepted.
-- normzone, Aug 15 2005

Shoe horns
for [DesertFox] [normzone, Aug 15 2005]

(?) Horny Shoe
[jurist, Aug 16 2005]

Shoe Horn Shoe_20horn
Shameless plug [skinflaps, Aug 16 2005]

What in the world is a shoe horn????
-- DesertFox, Aug 15 2005

A pre-tennis shoe invention. You put it in the shoe at the back and slide your heel in over it, thus avoiding breaking down the back of the shoe.
-- normzone, Aug 15 2005

Nah, come on, shoe horns were devices used by the old Austrain postal service to announce their arrival in remote villages. Mozart wrote a symphony for one.
-- DrCurry, Aug 15 2005

Ahhhhh.... Wierd lookin' thangs aren't they?
-- DesertFox, Aug 15 2005

"He wants a shoe horn, the kind with teeth. People should be beat up for stating their beliefs. He wants a shoe horn, the kind with teeth. 'Cuz he knows there's no such thing." --They Might Be Giants
-- goober, Aug 16 2005

Very nice, [norm]. And they'd be great for flicking up dog poo, too. Possibilities are endless, really.
-- lintkeeper2, Aug 16 2005

Genius [norm] - whimsy of the highest order, worthy of the lamented [farmerjohn] himself. Could be tricky on escalators, but [+]
-- coprocephalous, Aug 16 2005

I would still have to use a shoehorn for my soccer shoes.
-- Cuit_au_Four, Aug 18 2005

Ok, I'll bite. And why is that?
-- normzone, Sep 22 2005

(Bi-)Self-enshoeing shoes? Hmm... I've heard wierder ideas.

Presumably, if you accidently kick someone whilst walking, their shoe'll fall off... Could be a fly in the oink-ment.

[jurist link] I don't want to know why you had that link at your fingertips!... My sister had a pair of them, they squeeked.
-- Dub, Sep 22 2005

let them dangle and jingle freely from the laces.
-- IcarusByNight, Sep 22 2005

Be great for kicking people up the arse.
-- wagster, Mar 05 2006

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