Fashion: Shoe Ties
Shoe Snakes   (+10, -1)  [vote for, against]
Shoe lace replacements that resemble and function like snakes.

This strange idea was inspired by the consistent reaction of people to untied shoelaces. Sometimes the expression is a simple caution, but often enough it approaches serious alarm: "Your shoelaces are untied!" The reaction might as well be: Snakes!

And so it will be with Shoe Snakes. These shoelaces resemble long narrow snakes. They could possibly be powered or controlled by some kind of foot mechanism, like an air pump. The small pump will make it possible to direct the snakes jaws to others' nearby shoelaces, pulling them untied.
-- rcarty, Aug 19 2013

If the shoe activated pump pushed life into these snakes, they would surge and writhe with every step. In fact, with a pack-mounted air compressor I see no reason your entire body could not be festooned with hissing pneumatic snakes. Sort of like Doc Octopus, but these little snakes would fight and bite and generally not get much done for good or evil.
-- bungston, Aug 19 2013

Dyslexic ophidiophobics of the world, UNTIE!
-- Cedar Park, Aug 20 2013

Ten points to Slytherine...
-- 2 fries shy of a happy meal, Aug 20 2013

Like some kind of demented foot Medusa
-- the porpoise, Aug 21 2013

An open ended tube will wriggle perfectly, when air is blown through it...
-- Ling, Aug 21 2013

[+] cool.
-- xandram, Aug 21 2013

Creepy +
-- blissmiss, Aug 21 2013

Finally....a use for Nike Air!
-- Ling, Aug 21 2013

Herpes Air
-- UnaBubba, Aug 24 2013

What [xandram] and [blissmiss] said.
-- Voice, Aug 24 2013

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