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Add the shooter position to soccer

I propose they add a twelfth man to a soccer team. His position would be "shooter." It would only be legal for him to be behind the goal line, but he wouldn't have to be behind the net.

He would be armed with a bean-bag gun with five rounds. He would be able to shoot only those five rounds per game, and could shoot at anything (i.e., the opposing players or the ball.)

This would revive American interest in soccer, as well as revive interest in bean bag guns.
-- pnewp, Mar 02 2001

Heck, to hell with the 12th man! I say give one to all of the 11 players already on the field! So much more interesting if one guy makes a breakaway.
-- Wes, Mar 03 2001

oh, and I thought there was alcohol involved here.

Because that would revive interest too, you know.
-- Cuit_au_Four, Dec 10 2005

And why would we want Americans interested in "soccer"? That would detract from the laughs we get watching you run around in body armour doing ballet. I assume that's what they're doing when they refer to "gridiron", no?
-- neuro, May 17 2006

Although drunk football as an idea certainly does have its merits.
-- neuro, May 17 2006

A game of football, 12-a-side, all armed with beanbag guns which they can reload as many times as they like from the sideline supplies. Finally take away the goals and football. Now there's a game to revive interest in beanbag guns!
-- kuupuuluu, May 17 2006

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