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Handels on both ends of shopping carts.

It has been made apparent through the comments of certain halfbakers that shopping carts would be best devised with rear wheel castors. This would allow for a better turning radius under certan conditions.

However, under other conditions the rear wheel castors, where they have been baked, have other practical problems. The solution, then, is to allow for both front and rear wheel castors, but not at the same time. But How?

The solution is to put the cart handels on both sides of the cart. This allows for it to be pushed easily in both directions to utilize the advantages of both front and rear wheel castors when their respective situations of best implementation occur.

Handels on both sides also allow the carts to be employed as ramming devices. Sure, a cart can be utilized for this purpose without handels on both sides; however, the handels add a sort of antler like feature to the vehicle which may incline men in particular to participate in the sport of shopping cart jousting more frequently.
-- cuckoointherye, Jan 23 2005

Grocery Cart Rear Castors Grocery_20Cart_20Rear_20Casters
Also see annotations [cuckoointherye, Jan 23 2005]

Well, I guess if they have casters at the Bach, you need Handels at both ends.
-- DrCurry, Jan 24 2005

Stop being so Mendelson, DrCurry. Meddle in others' typing affairs elsewhere.
-- cuckoointherye, Jan 24 2005

Now you're just being Prokofiev.
-- DrCurry, Jan 24 2005

You can't handel it? Maybe you'll go into Haydn! You'll just be one more person I'll Tchaikovsky my hate list! So just Shumann!

Note that this is all in good pun.
-- cuckoointherye, Jan 24 2005

I've pushed a shopping cart backwards, even without a handel. It is more maneuverable in some situations, but it is less stable at higher speeds. (+) for the idea of antlers on shopping carts. I can imagine some would 'joust' routinely, just for fun, but they would be no match for the monthly shopper, having a cart laden with heavy goods.

Thanks to all for not mentioning "Chopin" carts.
-- xrayTed, Jan 24 2005

sp. stabel.
-- DrCurry, Jan 24 2005

How would the carts stack together with dual handles? Encouraging jousting will lead to more deformed carts that can't move straight.
-- Aq_Bi, Jan 24 2005

Perhaps one handle will be marginally lower than the other to allow stacking. And please do not try to discourage jousting, that is just uncalled for. The handles would prevent some damage to the carts.
-- cuckoointherye, Jan 24 2005

A cart with a Handel in the front and Bach would be great when Chopin for cantataloupes
-- jaxmeier, Jan 24 2005

Yeah, you Telem mann!
-- phundug, Jan 24 2005

//will lead to more deformed carts that can't move straight//. Developing a Liszt you mean?.
Liszt alert!.
-- gnomethang, Jan 24 2005

Just bought my new Chopin cart, and I Berlioz anything on it.
-- csea, Jan 24 2005

Ya' might need some oil on those castors, lessen' they're made out of casgter beans...
-- csea, Jan 24 2005

well if castors are beans, then they certainly must be baked, but C. Ives decided this all has gone a bit too Faure.
-- dentworth, Jan 25 2005

Guys, you're getting into a big deBeethoven nothing.
-- phundug, Jan 25 2005

Why stop there, why not just modify bumper carts to have a food storage area? If stores were modified to have wider isles, this would allow for much faster shopping. The electrical wiring could even power refridgeration in the cart, allowing for frozen items to be placed all around the store.
-- ftzdomino, Jan 26 2005

I don't know Wagner or not I should say anything, but I thought this would be real bumber cars with a storage compartment (like fats said) that you could ram into other people with the pole that sparks and everything.
-- Zimmy, Jan 27 2005

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