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Prevent shower drains from clogging with hair

Its very difficult to keep hair out of the drain, and it often has to be cleaned out or Draino'd. So this would be a device similar to a kitchen disposal that would render the hair harmless to the sewage system. It could also handle other things that build up in/ clog pipes such as soap scum or whatever. The operation of this device, I think would be wuch different from kitchen disposals (as anyone whos had one can attest, hair builds up in kitchen ones making an unpleasent cleaning job). Perhaps it could use some sort of enzhym digestion thing to break the hair up before flushing it.
-- amadeus, Jan 29 2001

This was half-baked in an episode of 'Seinfeld.' Kramer installs a garbage disposal in his shower. He then proceeds to prepare dinner for his friends in the shower, resulting in hilarity and nauseous disgust.
-- ejs, Jun 01 2001

Kramer actually installed a diposal in his shower, but amadeus is proposing something different. Having just had a major pipe blockage (which no amount of Drano helped), I see the need for just such a device.

[fogfreak] My wife washes her hair in the kitchen sink(s) because she doesn't take showers (yes, she does take baths) and it's easier to do standing up.
-- zaphod12, Nov 21 2001

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