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A table spread for the shower

Most of us are sensible enough not to eat out of the saucepan, and yet when we go to the shower, we shampoo out of the shampoo bottle. How terribly uncivilised!

The shower platter is a beautiful set of small bone china plates and bowls delicately decorated and designed for a single shower. In the 'York' collection you find:
- Single serving shampoo bowl, with gently sloping sides and small raised half-handle for easy access
- Traditional soap mug, minature
- Two body-scrub dishes, matching, with hand painted roses
- One platter-tray into which all items sit nicely - to match platter stand (below)
- Flannel rack, based upon the traditional toast rack
- Bone china microphone (no electrical functionality)
- Platter stand, a simple stand to be affixed to the shower wall, which securely retains the loaded platter-tray and keeps it above spray-height

It is suggested that you have multiple platters, to permit your butler to prepare a new spread for the next person who is to bathe without having to wait for the set currently in use to be returned.
-- vincevincevince, Feb 13 2009

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Partial inspiration [vincevincevince, Feb 13 2009]

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