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Write while you're in the shower!

Okay, the shower is like the most relaxing place in the house right? For a lot of people, this is a place where they can go to think deep, semi-intelligent thoughts. It's a place where you can go to concentrate and solve your life's problems. So why wouldn't it be the best place to write poetry or songs?

The Shower Writing Kit would include some sort of medium that allows the writer to write on it without it getting wet, as well as a writing utensil and some sort of comfortable seat. This way, you could write in the shower, and do your best work there! Perhaps some sort of plastic cover could be devised, and with the use of carbon paper, you could write with regular notebook paper in the shower, pressing on the plastic surface with a stick of some sort... I'm not totally sure on the details, but wouldn't it be cool if you could write songs and poetry while you showered? No doubt they would be like 10 times better than your normal writing due to ultimate relaxation!
-- djhotsauce, Dec 05 2000

(?) Dive Slate http://www.scubacen...DS&Category_Code=DS
[waugsqueke, Oct 04 2004]

http://www.stuffjou...list-must-need.html [2 fries shy of a happy meal, Feb 19 2012]

Man, I love the shower, it's stinking great! I go in there for like 30 minutes when i get real stressed out and just like think about stuff... i'm not all that into writing stuff but maybe i could write papers for school in the shower, and they would be good instead of sucky!
-- greensroom2, Dec 05 2000

Baked. Divers have had underwater slates for years.
-- StarChaser, Dec 05 2000

So not baked! Do divers write in the shower?
-- mac cartel, Dec 05 2000

The idea is not for a slate though, it would be more of an envelope of some type using carbon paper so you can write on regular paper. You would have to transfer everything on a slate to some other medium every time you filled it up. Using regular paper, once you fill a sheet, you can just get another sheet without transferring any writing or bothering to get another slate (i'm sure you don't want 50 diving slates sitting around your bathroom when you're writing a term paper, nor do you want to find storage for them when you aren't using them)
-- djhotsauce, Dec 11 2000

degroof: How hot does thermal paper have to get to change? I know if you run your fingernail across it real fast, the friction generates enough heat to color it, but if you are in a hot shower, would that color the paper? I don't know if it would or not, but my showers are pretty hot. I get in at a semi-high heat and keep turning it up, but if you get in with it all the way up it's enough to hurt...
-- djhotsauce, Dec 11 2000

They make bathtub "crayons" for children; it'd only be a small, logical step 'till shower writing material. But you need to make them in fruity-smelling flavours....
-- seizethefish, Dec 28 2000

I think this is very similer to the "Multimedia access in the Shower" article on this same site. You could incorperate a word program into the shower computer and type your great ideas that only come to you in the shower then print out your results in the bath room. No messy carbon paper.
-- beansnow, Sep 26 2001

I LIKE IT! Actually, I LOVE IT! It is SO PERFECT for writing people! I would totally buy it! For me, I would LOVE to write in the shower!
-- kikikittens01, Aug 06 2003

hhmmmmm... ya know what? I really like this. I would buy it! But... it might be a waste of water if you just go into the shower to write. I still love the idea though!
-- bmwrox, Aug 06 2003

You get a big fat (+) if only for the fact that you could write letters to people and sign off "I'm naked as I write this". ;-)
-- rodti, Aug 06 2003

An iPAQ or other Palmtop protected with a Ziploc bag works just fine for me. The pen is waterproof anyway.
-- kbecker, Aug 06 2003


I'm naked as I type this...
-- Detly, Aug 06 2003

Wait, wait....I'm naked and WET as I type this. Or write this.

Hmmm...maybe I should have considered my words a bit more...
-- Eugene, Aug 06 2003

I like the idea but I could never write while in the shower; Id need voice recognition software, and it'd have to cancel out the echo created by the shower.
-- crunkindonuts, Dec 21 2003

...and another hb brainchild toddles. [link]
-- 2 fries shy of a happy meal, Feb 19 2012

yah...like it's gonna get deleted after 12 years [+]
-- simonj, Feb 20 2012

5 annos, no ideas, and [greensroom2 ] (initial anno) was gone...
-- normzone, Feb 21 2012

roll Usual Suspects end credits..
-- simonj, Feb 21 2012

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