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Applies polish- no mess

I couldn't find the shoe brush today. But my shoe polish (this shows how often I wax my boots, I'm afraid) had shrunk and cracked into little triangular chunks inside the tin.

So I grabbed a chunk and rubbed it on to the leather direct. Lo! a goood thick film of wax was quickly applied which soon buffed to a beautiful deep shine.

But my fingers were left as black and waxy as the semitone keys on a piano keyboard.


So, please, I'd like a little dispenser, like a lipstick or Pritt Stick, but with a bar of shoe polish in it. I could use it like a crayon. I could pay special attention to the least glossy areas and apply extra wax in these scuffed or dull bits. My fingers would then stay clean. That's not too much to ask, surely?
-- bhumphrys, Dec 02 2007

polish w/ built-in sponge applicator for no-mess shine. http://www.kiwishoe...m/product_p/219.htm
you may try this next time, there are others with built-in applicators too. [pyggy potamus, Dec 03 2007]

It's a good idea, [bhumphrys], but it's already been done. Better luck with the next idea.
-- pertinax, Dec 03 2007

The idea here is different enough from the link to avoid the baked label.. Mind you, those insta-shine sponge applicator liquid polish bottles are better - no post-wax polishing required.
-- afinehowdoyoudo, Feb 22 2008

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