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SiRims   (0)  [vote for, against]
Low-tech obnoxity for your pimped-out ride, ala Don Herbert

Way back when, I saw the venerable Mr. Wizard do some sort of experiment with an old siren of a simple design: An outer cylinder had a square hole in it, and a blade attached to a motor, the axis of rotation of which lay along the center of the outer cylinder, had a flange which was just larger than the aforementioned hole. As the motor spun, the hole was alternately closed and opened, and the blade forced air through the ever-changing opening, creating an awful wailing.

The same thing could be done with tire rims by affixing a stationary ring to the body of the vehicle, and equipping the rims with a flanged blade.

Recommended for rear tires only, so as to inflict maximum damage on other drivers' nerves, while preserving your own as may be best done.
-- absterge, Jun 24 2004

Interesting, but I imagine that most towns have a law about who is allowed to use a siren on their car and who is not. Besides the noise pollution, you could be mistaken for an emergency vehicle.

I didn't bone you, by the way...
-- luecke, Jun 24 2004

A quartet, yet.
-- phoenix, Jun 24 2004

np, I'm expecting bones on this. Just had to get it out of my brain, really.

Now, harmonizing rims might be really cool. Differently sized holes/blades... that's much more interesting.
-- absterge, Jun 24 2004

A terrible idea! What? Whistle-tips don't already provide enough irritating-noise-generating potential for urban delinquents? Fish for you! Your idea is bad, and you no doubt are a bad person too.
-- TheJeff, Jun 25 2004

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