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Siamese Hair Weave   (+6, -1)  [vote for, against]
For truly inseparable friends

Your hair is supplemented by your friend's hair, and her hair is supplemented by yours. You get both hair weaves for the price of one, and her companionship at the hair salon (and everywhere else for the next two months).
-- robinism, Feb 26 2005

There was an author who's name escapes me, but had this done at the dreadlock level between a man and a woman.
-- normzone, Feb 26 2005

Forgive my prejudice, but robinism's idea sounds nice, whereas doing this with dreadlocks just seems grim. Not that I object to dreadlocks on an individual, just I seem to have a bit of an aversion to the multiplayer version.
-- david_scothern, Feb 26 2005

[robinism], [+], I like your idea and I'm pleasantly suprised, because one of my unpublished "ideas" is Siamese Twins By The Hair, where, the twins are born connected only by their hair, each hair growing from both heads. There's national coverage as they are heroically separated by a barber.
-- Mustardface, Feb 27 2005

I saw this baked in some television comercial for hair conditioner. The two girls were leaning away from each other, kept from falling by the tensile strength of the ponytail.
-- Knife Knut, Feb 27 2005

Sweet. I was surprised that this wasn't an [FJ] idea.
-- wagster, Feb 27 2005

Wouldn't want my best friend sharing my bathroom time, thank you. There are just some things that friends shouldn't do together.
-- Flux, Feb 28 2005

//Wottabout us baldies?//

Awwww... that was cute. Actually, baldies are cute.
-- Pericles, Feb 28 2005

Kojak ?
-- skinflaps, Feb 28 2005

//Wottabout us baldies? //

We just weave into the sideburn hair and do a giant swirl-around comb-over. The problem is finding someone willing to partner with you, since you can't make a contribution to the twinship, hairwise.
-- robinism, Feb 28 2005

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