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Tiny 4" x 6" printer puts out stickey notes

The really big printer in our office is great...we have six of all different sizes and capabilities. But, I would like to see a small printer that would perhaps sit right next to my flat screen that would put out stickey notes so I could print reminders and drawing design concepts that I need to refer back to and show other designers ...just a thought about how convenient that would be...I would not have to get up and walk back and forth to the printer or rip down 8.5 x 11 sheets to convenient size. I think there could be a real market for such a device. Also, what about making it very portable and have it connect to a pocket pc could be very helpful. I imagine it to be about the size of a thin paper back book.
-- Blisterbob, Sep 22 2005

S/w Post-its
[Dub, Sep 22 2005]

Presumably the paper would be of the Post-It variety? I bet 3M are already on the case, as soon as this was posted! All it needs is a small pen-printer (like Tandy used to sell for 20UKP) and [Link]
-- Dub, Sep 22 2005

A supermarket receipt printer loaded with continuous feed post-it stock might do the trick.
-- Shz, Sep 22 2005

It could even be some sort of device that you hold in your fingertips, that had a certain button at one end, which when pushed would extract a small point. And as you moved your hand, ink on that point could transfer to the paper. Totally wireless, and no rebooting required. How cool would that be?
-- RayfordSteele, Jan 31 2008

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