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What does Barry White sound like in ASL?

Many of the complex ideas of ASL right now require two hands to 'say'. If you only have one hand free -- such as you have an arm full of groceries, you've got one hand on the steering wheel, you don't have two arms, or your other arm is currenly being used for some amorous position -- you'll have a harder time getting the idea across.

A reformed one-handed ASL would keep many of the same one-handed symbols, but use compound phrases or other nuances to prevent needing more than one hand. This would enhance the ability of the deaf to use 'speech' in tasks we take for granted -- like making love.
-- Almafeta, Oct 30 2004

Unless you are making love to yourself, it is, in fact, quite possible to have both hands free. All you need to do is assume the correct position; only works with the lights on though.

I've observed someone conversing in BSL (british, if you're wondering) whilst holding a carrier bag in the other hand; I think it's possible for deaf people to make up a lot by mouthing what they're saying more than the usual amount, as they seem to do that a lot on TV.
-- squigbobble, Apr 23 2005

Could be used by kids trying not to alert a chaparone.
-- normzone, Apr 23 2005

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