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Hit every house on the planet.

The planning phase is the vast majority of this game.

Santa uses the tools at his disposal to crank out toys, and plan his route around the world.

Setting flight patterns over more populated countries that beleive in Santa (no non-beleiving chimney's etc.) that are effecient is paramount, while implementing mall Santas as often as possible to compile naught and nice lists, to ramp up toy production accordingly.

Once all is set and ready, it's go time at the North Pole on Christmas Eve Day.

Watch in high speed as the sled scoots all over the world, dropping off gifts at the speeds only Santa can.

Will your simulation be successful? Will all the good kids get all the toys they want? Will Santa pull it off again? It's up to you.
-- Giblet, Dec 24 2007

NORAD has him tracked, you know
Looks like he's done - another successful year. Relax now, St. Nick. Merry Christmas, all. [globaltourniquet, Dec 25 2007]

(+) This idea sleigh's me. : ]
-- 2 fries shy of a happy meal, Dec 25 2007

// No Mormon chimney's etc. // - Any particular reason for that?
(If you're thinking that Mormons are virulently anti-Santa, it's not so. He still is found on our lawn displays, door decor, gift tags, and in propaganda to kids. If you were to show up at a Mormon Christmas party, the things that you would find odd would be the lack of coffee (related to our beliefs), over-use of terms like "heck" and "dang" (likewise), and an over-abundance of dessert items based on green Jello. (Not related, and I don't know of anyone who can explain.) Santa is apparently not averse to green Jello with shredded carrots, because he shows up too.)
-- lurch, Dec 25 2007

Maybe he was thinking of the Jehovah's Witnesses?
-- Spacecoyote, Dec 25 2007

This idea reminds me of the video game Paperboy, where you had to deliver newspapers to all your customers -- any customer you failed to deliver to wouldn't be a customer the next round.
-- phundug, Dec 25 2007

Yes it was the Jehova's Witnesses I was thinking of.

My ignorance of different sects of the Christian religion is quite extensive and far reaching.
-- Giblet, Dec 25 2007

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