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Sims-Facebook interface   (+9)  [vote for, against]

A simple program which creates Facebook accounts for the people you create in The Sims and posts Facebook updates when they do things, or rather, when you make them do things - i.e. as if they were real people.

Eventually the majority of people on Facebook will be Sims- generated people, posting inane updates and making friends with each other, and people will leave Facebook in droves realising it to be a futile waste of time. Facebook will, like FriendsReunited before it, wither and die, and Mark Zuckerberg will be left penniless. MuahahahaHAHAHAAA!!! <hand-dryer starts up>.
-- hippo, May 06 2012

Or the other way around
Your Facebook identity becomes a Sim. [not_only_but_also, May 09 2012]

// people will leave Facebook in droves realising it to be a futile waste of time. //

If only... it's a nice dream, though.
-- Alterother, May 06 2012

It'll never happen. It's too integrated in our lives.
-- blissmiss, May 06 2012

If that many people played Sims, what would actually happen is that everyone would be commenting on what each other's Sims were doing like they do with The Farmvilles or a daytime soap or their own mundane offspring.

What you would need is to create a game where the object is to set up a NPC social group that attracts real people like a Turing test.

I'm sure people are already doing this to replace the people who pose as fun-loving busty blondes with 4000+ male friends. Yeah sure I'll add you even though we're strangers, you must have heard how hilarious my satirical status updates are.

In short, [+]. Kill it before it lays apps.
-- marklar, May 06 2012

I'm not sure I would have done to well on the Turing test on some Friday nights in me cider-addled youth.

Hmm, I think the post it a good idea, as probably they'd have something much more interesting to post on their FB than I ever do..
-- not_morrison_rm, May 06 2012

Simone ordered Pizza
(1 min ago)

Simone is hungry
(2 mins ago)

Simone went from being married to being single
(3 mins ago)

Simone My husband just died in a kitchen fire
(4 mins ago)
-- marklar, May 07 2012

Whereas i have bunned this, it does sound quite a lot like the likes of Farmville and therefore an additional irritation. I also think FB is different according to what you do on it yourself and the people with whom you interact.
-- nineteenthly, May 07 2012

You mean they aren't sims already?
-- xandram, May 07 2012

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