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Simulated bass for Cell Phone media players   (+3)  [vote for, against]
using a built-in vibrating device.

Cell phones and earphones have very little bass because they are so small. Many cell phones are now available that are capable of playing mp3 files. Why not use the vibrator to simulate bass? It would give the proper amount of power to the vibrator motor at the appropriate times to simulate the bass of whatever music you are listening to. It could also function with the ring tone. You could disable it to save the battery power by going into the settings menu.

I originally thought of putting a small vibrator into an mp3 player like an iPod, or putting a small linear vibrator into it, or something small that was actually designed to produce bass. But I figured that cell phones already have vibrators and many are mp3 capable.
-- BJS, May 04 2007

What does that mean?
-- BJS, May 04 2007

That is what the Captain said, after he learned all his base were belong to them.

That said, I like the idea, [BJS].
-- bungston, May 04 2007

(sp) bass. You got this right in the title. + Nice idea.
-- csea, May 04 2007

hey, I had it right 3 out of the 5 times...
-- BJS, May 04 2007

I'm not sure I get it. How does simulate the depth and pitch of an actual recorded instrument?
-- Night, May 04 2007

With this, one could simulate the song "Baby Got Back", as played by a tricked out car stereo one block away.
-- bungston, May 04 2007

There's one ringtone on my phone that seems to have this, but I think it's just blind luck. Unfortunately, the ringtone itself is one of those "try to be hip, but fail miserably" kind, so it's doomed to be unused despite the extra bass.
-- Hunter79764, May 04 2007

This could actually work you know.... Adjusting volt and keeping ampere stable, you could probably make this thing reproduce bass with pretty good accuracy, i think.
-- remzy, Feb 10 2011

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