Sport: Racing
Simultaneous racing   (0)  [vote for, against]
e.g. drone and car

One driver, two devices. Probably will only work with one device being remote control.

e.g. cars on a track, and drones flying above.

Each competitor has to get both their car and their drone to the end of the course.

Landing the drone on the car is strictly forbidden, it has to travel the course under its own power.
-- pocmloc, Nov 11 2019

You'll need to be specific about the rules for the "un- manned" vehicle/device; auto-following software for drones is a thing, so a driver could just set it to follow the car, and drive off. Which you probably DON'T want; best to have it completely "dumb", no GPS or auto-anything.
-- neutrinos_shadow, Nov 11 2019

Swarms of drones. Most over the finish line? No rules for the drones, drivers take care.
-- wjt, Nov 14 2019

Lots of bridges, tunnels, low-hanging branches, robotic drone-swats.
-- pocmloc, Nov 14 2019

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