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Trap door sends rejected contestants plummeting into swimming pool below.

Round 1

Contestants take the stage (in full costume) and stand over a trap door. Despite the title, they are allowed to sing, dance, tell jokes, etc. The audience, besides cheering or jeering, keys in rejection votes for the act. When the rejection vote breaks 50%, the trap door opens and multiple camera angles capture the priceless expressions of the startled contestants as they are ejected mid-note. Those that survive for two minutes go on to the next round.

Round 2

The show turns from hilarious to absurd as the survivors of round 1 participate in a free-for-all shoving match on the surface of a giant vat of cornstarch and water (the substance acts as both a solid and a liquid). The last contestant remaining on the surface is the winner (so to speak).


The trap door remains, but the swimming pool is replaced with a water slide that dumps contestants out into a dirty back alley. The drawback is that I can't use my clever title.
-- kaeru, Oct 03 2005

Trap of the Craps Trap_20of_20the_20Craps
Not quite redundant with this. [wagster, Oct 03 2005]

I like it. Very 'the gong show', but funnier. And punnier (sorry).
-- hidden truths, Oct 03 2005

Strange that they did this on the Simpsons last night, isn't it?
-- ldischler, Oct 03 2005

Sounds very japanese-TV-gameshowy. If it's like a Grimace or Mickey Mouse costume... "Help! *blub blub blub*" thus, croissant.
-- mailtosalonga, Oct 03 2005

Yes, this is inspired by Japanese television, which is all I watch these days. However, I don't think this would go over in Japan. Japanese people seem to enjoy noncompetitive quiz shows between celebrities where nobody cares who wins. I haven't seen the same sadistic thrill of punishing talentless acts that I've seen in the US.
-- kaeru, Oct 03 2005

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