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Instantaneous Cooling Machine

A device that cools normal 12 oz aluminum cans instantly. Thermo-conductive metal alloy jaw clamps its fingers around the can. Three segments to the jaw, think really big drill press chuck. Super-chilled liquid is pumped through the thermo-conductive jaw segments removing heat in 5 seconds, on demand, to whatever temperture you dial-in to the machine.
-- evilpenguin, Jun 17 2007

Cold can in 60 seconds, not 5, but economical. http://www.cybercan...20Can%20Cooler.html
The Brits have one. [Canuck, Jun 17 2007]

sp. instantaneous
-- pertinax, Jun 17 2007

I've seen this for chilling a bottle of white wine. No idea how it works without shattering the bottle.
-- marklar, Jun 17 2007

single can coolers already exist. Don't know how they work but they exist already. probably through peltier modules, maybe coupled with super- cooled liquid.
-- twitch, Jun 17 2007

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