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Siren-free Radio Edit   (+1)  [vote for, against]
Less unnecessary panic in the car.

Anybody remember 'Beaver Patrol' by Pop Will Eat Itself? No? Never mind. All you need to know is that it features an emergency siren played loud as part of the song. Every time it comes on the stereo in the car, I jump. It sounds like there's an emergency vehicle just behind me , trying to get past. Fortunately for my blood pressure, it doesn't get much air-time.

This morning I was listening to the radio on the way to work and 'Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous' by Good Charlotte came on. Yep, you guessed it, another siren. This one in the background, sounding fifty of a hundred yards off. I had to turn the radio off to make sure that it was part of the song.

This got me to thinking... Since commercial music producers make a radio edit (with naughty words missed out and smooth fades for DJ.s) why not mix this version to exclude anything that sounds like a siren. The album version and other mixes could keep it in, since you generally know music that you play yourself better that what comes on the radio. That way I don't have to turn the radio off and do a prairie dog impression whenever certain tracks come on.
-- st3f, Mar 13 2003

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25 years ago on a Friday night, as I awaited the arrival of some buddies to our appointed place waaaaaay out in the boonies - surrounded by orange trees - to exchange herb for cash, I sparked up a joint and sipped a beer... Side 1 had finished on my home-taped cassette - Fleetwood Mac's Rumours - aaaaaaaahhhhh, sounded so nice on that stereo at full blast, didn't it... oh why does it take so long to change sides... Should get another beer, man that pinner joint was good...

Did you know that when you're 18, it's been a long week and you're tired, slightly paranoid because of the imminent transaction, slightly stoned, and already had a few beers over at the dealer's - that the intro to Jungle Love by The Steve Miller Band will scare the living shit out of you?
-- thumbwax, Mar 13 2003

I thought this would be a mechanism to stop you being drawn in to somewhere by sweet, sweet song.

I could definitely do with the ability to edit out that bit near the end of 'All Right Now' by Free, which sounds exactly like someone shouting out my name.

And just how many millions have been monging out to 'Dark Side Of The Moon' before they get freaked out by all those clocks going off?

-- -alx, Mar 13 2003

That happens to me somewhere in the middle of side one of Roxy Music's "Siren." One of the guitar lines sounds my mom calling my name. I'd love to have that removed.
-- snarfyguy, Mar 13 2003

Just what the hell were you doing listening to Beaver Patrol? I thought all memories of PWEI had been excised from this planet by some sort of mind-control ray. Or people forgot them because they were rubbish.

But anyway, there's a track by the Raincoats with a watch alarm going off in the middle, which always baffles me a little as I don't even wear a watch.

Actually, I can see this device causing trouble for a large number of recordings by old anarchist punk bands (The Clash, Crass, Zounds, etc) and rappers like Public Enemy who used the siren as an easy way of denoting revolution/civil breakdown/war and destruction. Ergo, I'm not decided if this is a good or a bad thing.
-- pottedstu, Mar 13 2003

thumb: Funnily enough, no. But I'll bear it in mind, for the next time I'm 18.

PSTU: Oh no, it's not a device. It's a suggestion for what should be included in the radio edit of a song to make it less distracting when listened to in a car. Album/single versions I would leave unaltered. Just the radio edit.
-- st3f, Mar 13 2003

Shirley the artist puts the sound effects in for a reason. Whether it be to draw attention to itself or to conjure up a mental image.

To remove them would inhibit Joe Public's enjoyment of the song.
-- Mayfly, Mar 13 2003

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