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Sport: Winter: Skiing
Ski slope advance notice   (+5)  [vote for, against]
Is the stretch around the corner uphill, or a cliff?

When skiing at a resort that is new to you, the first time or two down any trail (piste) may require some stops for scouting ahead, to make sure you're not approaching dangerous territory with excessive speed. Even more frustrating is a steep section followed by an uphill section that is not visible until you get to the bottom of the steep section without the speed required to make it over the subsequent hump. On long trails, it is easy to forget what's ahead even if you've been down the trail a time or two.

I know there are some signs that warn a skier of danger areas or intersecting trails, etc., but I would like to see internationally consistent signs indicating places where the invisible terrain ahead will require either high or low speed in approaching it.

Possible drawbacks with physical signage include additional collision risks and scenery defacement. So maybe a better way to do this would be to make ski goggles with a heads-up-display, gps functionality, and the ability to download a virtual map of the ski resort. Then you could choose which signs appear or don't, you could mark ice patches for avoidance on subsequent runs, and you could even mark your previous routes, which would be particularly useful for racers.
-- beauxeault, Jan 24 2001

What's That Hill http://www.halfbake...7s_20That_20Hill_3f
Not entirely unrelated HB idea and discussion [beauxeault, Jan 24 2001, last modified Oct 05 2004]

Thumbs up for a heads-up ski goggle display. It should have an indicator that tells you when someone is approching from behind, and on which side of you they are passing.
-- PotatoStew, Jan 24 2001

This would also be useful for when it whites out
-- stupop, Apr 12 2002

Could we add a no-motion detector to show you where some clown has stopped in the middle of the piste just below a crest to have a good chinwag?
-- IvanIdea, Apr 12 2002

Surprise is a great element when skiing. Don't sanitize it too much.
-- mcscotland, Apr 12 2002

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