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College/Singles fridge

Why do all fridges have to be box shaped? A skinny fridge would take up less room and use less energy. Everything would be within easy reach with the skinny fridge.
-- jackoutofthebox, Nov 01 2002

(?) Skinny Fridges http://www.zama-ent...evel=2&txtCatName=2
01 Nov 02 | High-quality, and skinny. [bristolz, Oct 04 2004]

And you'll save so much room you can have one of these, too. http://www.kegworks...raft/kegfridge.html
Keg fridges. [bristolz, Oct 04 2004]

Define "skinny."
-- bristolz, Nov 01 2002

Well, I imagine spherical would be even more efficient, but it'd roll away when you close the door.
-- bookworm, Nov 01 2002

Skinny would be half the width of a standard fridge.
-- jackoutofthebox, Nov 01 2002

Oh, the beer. I admitted I didn't get out enough and modified my post.
-- jackoutofthebox, Nov 01 2002

Only low-fat, diet food can fit in the skinny fridge.
-- snarfyguy, Nov 01 2002

I want Twiggy to pitch the fridge to consumers.
-- jackoutofthebox, Nov 02 2002

I doubt she could lift one.
-- bristolz, Nov 02 2002

why do they have to be white, or silver, for that matter? Build me a tartan fridge & you have customer 1.
-- General Washington, Nov 02 2002

Cameron of Erracht is the only Cameron civilsed man should consider. The splintering of Clan Cameron has become like something out of Nonconformist America, with a number of hideous yellow and purple neoplaids proliferating. Rumours of a Cameron of Diaz on the way.

And unfortunately no range of tartans is complete with Officers Blackwatch, I reluctantly concede.
-- General Washington, Nov 04 2002

It would be cool to have a fridge that was only about as wide as door frame, brushed silver with a silver handle, it sits in a recess in the wall and slides outwards like a sliding door, this can only be used to hold bottles and thin things that can fit on the shelves inside the frame, most things kept in a fridge probably could.
-- Gulherme, Nov 04 2002

I saw a combination fridge/oven recently. Quite a silly idea.
-- hippo, Nov 04 2002

Actually, a narrow fridge has more exterior surface area, and is therefore less energy efficent. (Fishboned.)

And don't forget the ((2r)^3 - (4/3(pi)r^3)) wasted space around this "spherical fridge" of yours. Let r = the radius of this spherical fridge.
-- andrewm, Feb 18 2003

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