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To avoid embarrassing Monroements

Firstly, why are there no 'skirt' or 'dress' sub-categories?

It was a windy afternoon today and several women where struggling to maintain their dignity in a compromise between dangerous skirt flutterings and awkward hands-on-knees walking.

To solve this troublesome weather-induced spectator sport, I propose small barbed weight bands that can be attached to the inside hem, and easily stored in a handbag until required. The resulting extra weight will temporarily spoil the natural volume of the skirt, but that's a small price to pay for not flashing your knickers.
-- marklar, Apr 10 2008

Pretty much identical Weighted_20Kilts
(other than the gender of the wearer) [angel, Apr 11 2008]

The bustle
[normzone, Apr 11 2008]

I think the weights could constitute a safety issue if the wind was high enough. Probably better to include a bungee-cord hem band.

And, as a healthy, well-adjusted male, I'm all for high winds around unsecured skirts.
-- normzone, Apr 10 2008

My understanding is that particular incident was not an embarrassment - Monro's character was standing over a subway grating, and was expecting an updraft as the train went by. And in fact, the primary purpose is not so much to flash her undies as to feel the rush of wind up her legs and, well, on up from there.
-- DrCurry, Apr 10 2008

should be a requirement for men who wear kilts.
-- jaksplat, Apr 10 2008

thats what that funny furry thing just below waist level is for I believe...

or its a pet...
-- po, Apr 10 2008

I think the furry thing just below waist level is what the weights are intended to conceal.
-- MaxwellBuchanan, Apr 10 2008

Baked - at least for curtains. The stately houses I am used to frequenting have lead along the bottom hems to stop them flapping around in the wind.
-- james_what, Apr 10 2008

// flapping around in the wind. //

You can get tablets for that now. Lay off the curried baked bean omlettes is our advice.
-- 8th of 7, Apr 10 2008

Women on the Oregon Trail used to sew rocks into their hems.

Most of them gave up and wore bloomers after the bruised ankles got to be too muh.
-- gisho, Apr 11 2008

Wow, [gisho], that's deserving of supporting evidence. That could open up a whole new sub-genre of visual porn.

http//www. oregontrailbloomer
-- normzone, Apr 11 2008

[normzone], that link doesn't work.
-- zeno, Apr 11 2008

This sort of reminds me of the bustles women wore in the past. Isn't that what they were designed to do? Stay down I mean? I don't think they did when pulled up by men but the wind didn't blow 'em up. I think.
-- blissmiss, Apr 11 2008

A bustle is falsies or a codpiece for the bootie (link).
-- normzone, Apr 11 2008

Instead of weights, which could be heavy and dangerous, you could have velcro on the inside of the skirt, which could attach to corresponding tabs worn 'round the knees, thighs, calves or what-have-you.
-- qt75rx1, Apr 11 2008

Some inventions should never be made
-- Voice, Apr 12 2008

Hmmm .... It's practicle, but would it really make the world a better place? Me thinks not. (plus what Ian said)
-- MikeD, Apr 13 2008

// Firstly, why are there no 'skirt' or 'dress' sub-categories?

Because we create categories when there's something there to put in them. There aren't that many posts about dresses and skirts.
-- jutta, Apr 13 2008

I wonder why, though? They aren't broke, so surely we should be fixing them.
-- wagster, Apr 13 2008

I believe this has been baked for cloaks, where they performed an additional self-defense function. This could give shady-character-whacking capability to a skirt, so [+].
-- Ned_Ludd, Apr 14 2008

On that account, [jutta], I find it strangely amusing that, while we have few or no posts about skirts and dresses, we have a category labelled: Product: Alarm Clock: Extreme.
-- qt75rx1, Apr 14 2008

Is this a problem? For who? I‘m not sure that we need to correct this. Now if you can come up with something that would keep the shorts of overweight people from riding up between their legs... That is a sight I’ve seen more than enough times.
-- Ozone, Apr 14 2008

A bone, I say! summer dresses are one of the joys of life.
-- Voice, Apr 16 2008

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