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Sliding Sun-Shield   (+2)  [vote for, against]
Like a window, but not transparent, glass, or wind-proof.

You can buy things that stick onto your car window, usually by means of suckers, which protect you from the sun's glare as you coast along.

These, however, have the disadvantage that they cannot function when the window is open, and are liable to fall off.

Enter the Sliding Sun-Shield (for want of a better name). It acts like another window on your car, just inside the normal one, and slides up and down in the same manner.

It is made out of thin, but sturdy, plastic, with small holes so as to shield you from the sun, yet large enough that when it is up and your window isn't you still get a modicum of breeze.
-- dbmag9, Apr 09 2007

Our old car (Mercedes) used to have a bug screen that went across the sunroof window that would have been just what you wanted - shaded the sun, kept the bugs out, but when the glass window was open, the air came through fine. If the new one has it, we haven't found the right button yet.
-- DrCurry, Apr 09 2007

On the light rail trains in Singapore they have electrically controlled window tints. As the rail travels very close to residential buildings the tinting activates automatically. I think it probably uses some kind of LCD technology.

It'd be quite neat to do that in the rear windows of a car, especially if they didn't fully block the view or had levels of blocking out.
-- hooksta, Apr 09 2007

>>light rail trains<< >>electrically controlled window tints<<

Increasingly, I think someone may have been fibbing when they taught me in school that America was the technological leader in the world.
-- GutPunchLullabies, Apr 10 2007

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