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Happy Slime Day To You!

Remember the slime you got when you were a kid? That thick, gooey, sticky green stuff that looked like snot? Well, I think they should market it for all occasions. Birthday Slime, New Year's Slime, Christmas Slime. Slime will become the International Gesture of Friendship!
-- gb2000, Jun 05 2002

Slime's latest incarnation http://www.epinions...content_62274375300
As thick and green as ever, but a rip-off at $20. [DrCurry, Jun 08 2002]

Consumerist: Hazbro's Oozinator http://www.consumer...revealed-172380.php
Four years have passed. [jutta, May 29 2006, last modified May 30 2006]

from the sublime to the gor-blimey
-- po, Jun 05 2002

Because nothing says "I love you" like gunge rubbed in your hair and carpet. I like.
-- pottedstu, Jun 05 2002

Would 'gb2000' mean 'goober 2000' perhaps?
-- RayfordSteele, Jun 08 2002

I can see this causing havoc on tartan day. April 6th, New york, be there, be there, be there! St Patricks Day, Without The IRA.
-- [ sctld ], Jun 08 2002

They already do, kinda. Slime is trotted back into the toy stores every four or five years, with a different name each time.
-- DrCurry, Jun 08 2002

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