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Slow-motion graveside rain fan   (+7)  [vote for, against]

This was inspired by [theleopard] annotation: "I've always wanted to be buried and have Ed Harris visit my grave in the rain, wearing his navy full dress uniform, water cascading over the brim of his hat (preferably in slow motion)…", so this idea is for an upwards-pointing graveside fan to slow down falling raindrops. The de luxe version of this will play sad piano music and supply rain for the fan to slow down, if it's a sunny day.
-- hippo, Sep 21 2009

(??) Inspired by… Bone_20Monument_20O...river_27s_20License
[hippo, Sep 21 2009]

Perhaps use some kind of lightweight viscous gel instead of water?
-- pocmloc, Sep 21 2009

I want film-noir rain... stained the colour of milk to make it show up on film.
-- xenzag, Sep 21 2009

I like it, but feel as though the only time you'll get a decent effect is if Ed and your gravestone are inside the cargo hold of a plummeting aircraft, effectively slowing down gravity. Still, [+] for trying to make my dreams come true.


EDIT - Did the idea get deleted?
-- theleopard, Sep 24 2009

You could arrange to be buried inside the hold of a plummeting aeroplane.
-- hippo, Sep 24 2009

But for how long?!
-- theleopard, Sep 24 2009

This would be great in a Sin-City-Film -Noir-Bruce-Willis- way .....

We would want Leonard Nimoy.

-- 8th of 7, Sep 24 2009

//But for how long?!// If it's high enough, for ever...
-- pocmloc, Sep 24 2009

It looks as though it did, [theleopard]. But it lives on in our memories.
-- normzone, Sep 24 2009

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