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Precision resupply

Meant for medium to high altitude parachute or paraglider drops of resupply equipment, this is a GPS and/or Inertial navigation suite that provides guidance by altering the venting on bell-shaped parachutes or modifying the geometry of paraglider drone airfoils via control cables or small in situ electric motors. Meant to work autonomously so the delivery plane can exit quickly, it also can be controlled from the drop aircraft by remote if hands-on control is needed. The head end can be retrieved and reused on another drop.
-- minoradjustments, Feb 20 2024 [a1, Feb 20 2024]

This one looks a lot like yours - 3rd hit on first page of Google results for me https://www.maxongr...ided-Parachutes.pdf
[a1, Feb 20 2024]

What’s Possible
Extreme parafoil accuracy [minoradjustments, Feb 23 2024]

Accurate, elegant flight
Beautiful to watch [minoradjustments, Feb 23 2024]

Refined and Produced
This is the degree of accuracy I was talking about. [minoradjustments, Mar 31 2024]

[-] Use search engines to check whether or not what you're about to invent already exists.

GPS guided parachutes exist, but they're more commonly parafoils than bell shaped. Is there a unique advantage in your concept over the ones already in use? How do you plan to retrieve the guidance unit, assuming the reason for the airdrop was that it was for someplace you couldn't land?
-- a1, Feb 20 2024

If you have control you put it down where it's safest for the recipient. Terrain, weather, and encirclement can preclude vehicle use. If they can get the delivery they can also retrieve the unit.

The link misses several critical capabilities that the SD has: 1) Greater precision through finer control of the many airfoils. Not just opening and shutting off vents. 2) Capability to 'pilot' the drop unit remotely, from the drop ship or anywhere. The drop ship does all its calculations and lets their payload go without further control. 3) Fine control of true airfoils, not 'decelerators' which they use. Glide bodies can be used if you have greater control.
-- minoradjustments, Feb 20 2024

// The link misses several critical capabilities //

Whcih link? I gave you Google's list for "gps guided parachute" - how many of the hits did you actually read?

Edit to add - the third hit (for me) from Google looks a lot like yours (link). Precision, programmability, reusable:

• Available in three payload configurations: Micro Onyx (0 to 20 lbs), Onyx 500 (0 to 500 lbs), and Onyx 2200 (500 to2200 lbs)
• Accuracy of 100 m
• Patented1 two-parachute ("hybrid") system uses a high-speed elliptical parafoil for autonomous guidance, and a round recovery parachute for a reliably soft landing
• Flocking/Swarming (formation flying) and active in-air Collision Avoidance for simultaneous deployment of up to 50 Onyx systems
• Adaptive Control, an advanced self-learning method for flight control, enables gross variances in cargo weights to beairdropped
• High glide ratio over 4.5:1 provides a horizontal standoff of 44 km from an altitude of 35,000 ft
• Deployable from military fixed-wing and rotary aircraft up to 150 KIAS
• Ultra fast flight speed (80 kts) increases accuracy and reduces vulnerability to wind-induced errors and detection
• Continuously dis-reefed guidance parafoil provides for lowest opening shock and high speed deployment capabilities
• Rigger-friendly, fully-recoverable, modular, and reusable system
-- a1, Feb 20 2024

Bone it again.
-- minoradjustments, Feb 22 2024

I regret that I have but one fishbone to give this idea.
-- a1, Feb 22 2024

I’m curious where you found the illustration of the Smart Drop to make the comparison with your links.

Your link has many of the features of the Smart Drop but lacks compactness, simplicity, and the ability to control true airfoils, where the final drop speed can be controlled after much faster, far more evasive flight. The fine and gross control in the Smart Drop allows landings like the human parafoil experts do, standing up and virtually stationary. I propose control on the order of drone precision. The Smart Drop should be able to achieve a CPE of 5m after fast evasive flight, a feat the huge and complicated JPADS cannot do. Just look at that thing. What a target.
-- minoradjustments, Feb 23 2024

If you post an illustration of your concept I'll be happy to look at it.

Regarding compactness and simplicity, I didn't pick that up from your original description. But isn't the minimum size of going to be partly dictated by the mass of what you're trying to deliver? The heavier the load, the bigger the parachute/parafoil/drone swarm has to be.
-- a1, Feb 23 2024

And the faster it can fly evasively.
-- minoradjustments, Feb 23 2024

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