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Smoke Alarm Bacon Button   (+1)  [vote for, against]
Blame Jinbish. He jogged my memory.

Add a button to a smoke alarm that prevents it from beeping for twenty minutes. Push it before you start cooking and fry or grill your bacon in peace.
-- st3f, Mar 13 2003

smokesign.com http://www.smokesig...m/howtohelconc.html
Mentions a silencer button, but one which you push when the alarm is already sounding. [st3f, Oct 04 2004, last modified Oct 05 2004]

kelkoo.co.uk http://www.kelkoo.c...turer/I/143101.html
3 models listed. No mention of a silencer button on the most expensive. [st3f, Oct 04 2004, last modified Oct 05 2004]

Jimi Hendix Fire Alarm http://www.halfbake...drix_20Fire_20Alarm
I jogged st3f's memory with an idea for a melodic fire alarm - wonderfully written, with crispy bacon. But *this* idea is the same - so I deleted mine. <expletives also deleted> [Jinbish, Oct 04 2004, last modified Oct 05 2004]

re: your first link. But 3f, you wouldn't need to push the button unless the alarm was sounding.
-- waugsqueke, Mar 13 2003

waugs: what if you don't *want* the alarm to go off every time you cook bacon.
-- st3f, Mar 13 2003

G'dammit. Why must my redundant ideas always come back to haunt me? (+ btw)
-- Jinbish, Mar 13 2003

+ just for mentioning bacon.

you made me hungry, oh well, bye bye diet!
-- TonyDevilUK, Mar 13 2003

Apologies if we've been over this, but why don't we just have a visual fire alarm?
-- snarfyguy, Mar 13 2003

Love it. My alarm just went off and it's such a wrench having to remove your shoes so you can climb on the sofa and fiddle with the catch until your fingers bleed and then not be able to get the damned battery out of the damned case just to give you 5 minutes frickin' respite while you just cook one single piece of meat. Won't you leave me in peace? Won't you just let me live? Oh, the humanity!
-- sambwiches, Mar 13 2003

[snarf] Same reason the visual alarm clock wasn't a great idea. Because you can't see it when you're asleep.
-- Worldgineer, Mar 13 2003

Had to give it a "-" Scenario, - Cook bacon for 15 minutes. - Go to feed self and hungry family. - 4 minutes later the smoke alarm goes off reminding you that you forgot to turn off the burner . - You turn off the burner and take smoking pot outside just in time to avoid grease fire. - Family safe but has a strong hickory smell for a day or so.
-- crabbie, Mar 13 2003

I think the idea is for a cut-out that automatically cuts back in again after a set time period. But it's a damn good point - what if your bacon catches fire while you're distracted by TV/toddler/naked spouse? Is there some way of de-sensitising it rather than switching it off, so normal bacon/toast smoke has no effect, but billowing black clouds of greasy igneous grillfat will still sound danger.
-- egbert, Mar 13 2003

If you have a naked spouse standing there, why the hell are you using the grill to make bacon?
-- sambwiches, Mar 13 2003

Yeah, you should be using it to have sex.
-- snarfyguy, Mar 13 2003

Maybe your spouse is so turned on by the smell of bacon that s/he got stripped ready for action? How should I know what you people get up to in the kitchen?

Sambwiches, it's not nice to refer to a spouse as "it".
-- egbert, Mar 13 2003

Quite right, egbert. The proper name is "hur".
-- my face your, Mar 13 2003

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