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Snap Crackle Teabags   (+2)  [vote for, against]
(might have to call them something else to avoid being sued)

Teabags which go snap, crackle & pop when you place them in water. Simple as that, because I just want some.
-- Jim, Aug 02 2001

Perhaps they could make a noise when the tea is brewed? That would be handy. Many is the time I have doused a tea bag in boiling water only to forget about it, and return when it has the consistency of treacle.
-- Lemon, Aug 02 2001

[waugsqueke] Raises an interesting point, though - you could have a complete breakfast-in-a-sachet which combines your cup of tea (or coffee) and your breakfast cereal in one handy serving. Useful for those bleary uncoordinated mornings. If only it brushed your teeth, too.

[Lemon] Two suggestions: One, the snapping and crackling just stops when the tea is brewed, or Two: with one almighty final "Bang!" the teabag is catapulted out of the cup in to your trash.
-- Jim, Aug 02 2001

Like the idea, but would resist being told when, my tea is brewed. I know when my tea is brewed - no-one else!
-- key-aero, Aug 02 2001

Actually, what you can do to see this is have a cup in the freezer, remove it and pour hot liquid into it. It is highly recommended that
a)the cup not be an antiquity
b)saucer be present and underneath cup
c)that this be done over a formica or tiled surface
d)linoleum or tiled floor beneath.
e)one spit out chunks of cup while sipping tea frum saucer and remnants of cup.
-- thumbwax, Aug 03 2001

Regarding the crispy, crinkly sound, I've wondered why the Boil-n-bag plastic product isn't adapted to tea brewing. I haven't drunk the water after boiling rice, but boil-n-bags do produce a fluffy steamed rice.
I'm getting truly hungry dwelling on this
-- reensure, Aug 03 2001

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