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antirandy cleanser

Ladies, tired of that constant poking and prodding by your man?

With Soap Peter you can easily leash his libido and finally get some much needed rest. Simply replace his bar of manly soap with Soap Peter, an anaphrodisiac soap. Available in assorted colors and scents to make the switch undetectable.
-- nuclear hobo, Jun 16 2007

vitex agnus castus
Monk's Pepper [nuclear hobo, Jun 17 2007]

bromides in the tea... http://www.netdocto...arousal/200160.html
...allegedly [pertinax, Jun 17 2007]

'ts not so bad being Randy.

Using saltpeter as an ardor suppressant is an urban myth.
If this is the basis of your idea, it is going to be {marked_for_deletion} as a magic soap.

If saltpeter is not the basis of your idea, please explain how it works.
-- 2 fries shy of a happy meal, Jun 17 2007

Soap Peter is not for the randy fellow but for the tired and sore object of his affection.

Soap Peter would utilize the effects of vitex agnus castus [link] otherwise known as Chasteberry or Monk's Pepper because eating it helped keep monks celibate.

I can easily understand boning the idea for it's potential to adversly effect one's sex life, but doesn't that make it perfectly halfbaked?

And rest assured that this is not simply an anagram for 'toe papers' or some other such nonsense.
-- nuclear hobo, Jun 17 2007

"bromides-in-the-tea" paper?


But no jazz hands.

I'm not in the mood.
-- pertinax, Jun 17 2007

My father turned me in to a Soap Peter. Growing up, I was an unruly child and would cuss and blaspheme until I was blue in the face. My father would administer my punishment with perseverance and gusto, until there was no soap left to consume. Rebellious and foolish I did not cease my wicked tongue and grew quite used to soap's otherwise bitter taste. My palate was quite altered. Now I enjoy it spread over toast with a blob of marmite or grated over a spaghetti carbonara, or a nice hot mochachino.
-- theleopard, Jun 18 2007

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