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The new way to experience the taste of pop...

Most everyone knows what Altoid strips are, those minty paper-thin rectangle you put on your tongue to freshen breath (and to experience minty flavor), well, what about making those strips in flavors of soda? You know how the altoid strips seem to liquify in your mouth? The same principle would be applied to make you think that you're tasting the carbonation as well.
-- friendless-person, Dec 09 2003

I was trying to describe these things to DrCurry some time ago. they are totally disgusting as they are, so anything to change them can only be an improvement.
-- po, Dec 09 2003

But isn't half the fun of soda the fizz? ... if it weren't for the carbonation, I wouldn't be addicted to Mt. Dew like I am ... then it would just be caffeine, orange juice and yellow #5.
-- Letsbuildafort, Dec 09 2003

Add whatever's in pop-rocks.
-- Worldgineer, Dec 09 2003

Carbon Dioxide
-- Letsbuildafort, Dec 09 2003

//caffeine, orange juice and yellow #5// Is there really orange juice in Mt. Dew? I cannot imagine they put anything that natural into such a drink. Perhaps whatever they put in is related to orange juice the way caffein is related to coffee.
-- kbecker, Dec 09 2003

Well, I know the majority of my blood volume has this stuff running through it at any given time ... Dr. Pepper is made with prune juice ...
-- Letsbuildafort, Dec 09 2003

"Dr. Pepper is made with prune juice ..."

GASPS! (throws bottle of soda down)

You could have left me in my ignorant bliss.

On the contrary though, altoids are the miracle stuff of the 19th century.
-- thelambs, Dec 09 2003

(sticks out tongue): "Hmmm... curiously strong strip."
-- Cedar Park, Dec 09 2003

Actually "fort, its citric acid, so they really didn't have to use any natural ingredients at all. Like you I use the stuff alot and am going on the assumption that the stuff has to be good for me, after all I'm still alive.
Mountain Dew, better preservation through chemistry!
-- soundman, Dec 10 2003

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