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Solar-powered rotating pot-plant platform - BAKED   (+14)  [vote for, against]
so your plant doesn't droop towards the window

I have several cacti, and they all grow drooping over towards the window (towards the light). I have to keep turning them around to make them grow the other way and "undroop". If I stake them, the top still points windowwards, and when they flower the flowers all point that way, too.
A solar-powered rotating platform to put the plant on would solve this problem. When the sun was out, the platform would rotate very slowly, so the plant would never have a chance to droop one way, and would hopefully grow better as well as straighter. When the sun went in the platform would not need to rotate anyway, so it may as well be solar-powered. It's not anything complicated, just a solar-panel connected to a motor really.

Changed the title to reflect its BAKED status, because even though the idea should be deleted I'd hate to destroy the comments.
-- Jim, Aug 23 2000

Edmund Scientific http://www.edsci.com/
Here it is, click on the "scientifics" link for catagories. [Scott_D, Aug 23 2000]

Another one http://www.global-m...m/home/planturn.htm
If you shop around you will notice that Edmund is kind of a rip-off, but this doesn' t look much better. 25 dollars for three bucks worth of parts? [rmutt, Aug 23 2000]

Edmund Scientific used to sell all sort of interesting gadgets and components, including solar tracking sensors, and photovoltaic collectors - I'm searching for the site - stand by.
-- Scott_D, Aug 23 2000

We're waiting...
-- hippo, Aug 24 2000

The online catalog is a bit clunky. I suggest requesting a free catalog, Edmund carries a lot of surplus stuff, and their stock changes a lot - well worth perusing - I'm not sure how you could get one in the U.K. though.
-- Scott_D, Sep 23 2000

Nope, not me. ((((((shimmering flashback))))))20 some-odd years ago I never grew "cacti" outside where every week or two my Pop would find a "cacti", cut it at the stem and put the canister on top of my car...Except for the last one that I had in a tree(((((flashback dimming)))))Get an old record player at a yard sale or an old revolving display.For the following step: If you can't, get an electronics guy to sloooow down the speed. Make sure bottom of canister prevents leakage. (((((Have a nice day)))))
-- thumbwax, Sep 24 2000

Nice formatting. Did you coin that?
-- Scott_D, Sep 24 2000

{{{{{{I've got chills all over}}}}}} Thanks Scott_D Philosopher and Sharer of Wisdom, Guess I did.
-- thumbwax, Sep 24 2000

Not to mention when you have guests and you're showing off your plants, this would be very helpful.
-- Valrus, Nov 28 2000

Make sure it rotates counterclockwise (anticlockwise) in the northern hemisphere, clockwise in the southern.
-- hagfish, Dec 09 2000

It could also be used for displaying fine pieces of china (given that you keep your china next to the window.)
-- pnewp, Mar 19 2001

I thought you were referring to some other kind of 'baked' dude.
-- thumbwax, Mar 22 2001

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