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Solar panel spray paint

The compounds solar panels are comprised of are compartmentalized in a handheld container, with the appropriate solvents. The compartments are sequentially accessed at an extremely rapid rate and sprayed through a common nozzle.
-- normzone, May 19 2006

Giving credit where credit is due. Solar_20Panel_20Printer
[normzone, May 19 2006]

(?) First, there's this Photovoltaic_20Paint
[Shz, May 20 2006]

Spray-on solar cells http://news.nationa...4_solarplastic.html
[Shz, May 20 2006]

Paint on battery
We're going in that direction... [normzone, Jun 29 2012]

I think you need to do better than that.
-- DrCurry, May 20 2006

Magic? Baked.
-- Shz, May 20 2006

Tartan paint?
-- Jinbish, May 20 2006

-- sninctown, May 20 2006

Not magic, just not cost effective technology, and handheld is probably a gross exaggeration. This thing would be the size of an oil drum.

I have also realized that just because it may be able to lay down a sequence of layers in a given area (ignoring the low probablility that each layer will dry in the short period of time before the next one comes down) that I have no means of interconnecting the areas in the XY axis.

And, it looks like, baked, per [Shz]'s link.

Oh well, I was only having a bit of fun at the Solar Panel Printer idea.
-- normzone, May 20 2006

i really don't think it could work ...cause trying to spray a solar panel on to a wall is like trying to make a rock haggen in mid air with nothing supporting it ....because a solar panel is constructed of siclon wich is a metalliod so it is hard like rock so that could come out of a can and besides that wat about the wires ....just a thought
-- vbtallhobbit, Aug 09 2006

I like this. I wonder if the same thing could be done for a battery - also just a sandwich of layers. Maybe a capacitor too.
-- bungston, Jul 02 2010

Yes, this is applicable, in principle, to anything that's //just a sandwich of layers.// Perhaps it could be used to make sandwiches?
-- mouseposture, Jul 03 2010

[vbtallhobbit] acquired the account on August 5 2006, and three days later annotated on this and a couple of other ideas.

[vbtallhobbit] never returned. All of the ideas annotated on were solar related. Perhaps they flew too close to the sun.
-- normzone, Oct 27 2016

I wonder if [vbtallhobbit] actually meant to call him/herself [vtallhobbit].
-- MaxwellBuchanan, Oct 27 2016

or VTOLhobbit.
-- pertinax, Nov 01 2016

I do credit vbtallhobbit for my CB handle "Rock Haggen".
-- bungston, Nov 01 2016

Well, he did point out that " a solar panel is constructed of siclon ".
-- normzone, Nov 01 2016

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