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Solid fuel lighter VII   (+4)  [vote for, against]

Tiny potassium pellets are held within a pressurized chamber of inert gas. A trigger mechanism isolates one pellet in a breech and then jets the pellet out of a bore on a small burst of gas. The burst propels the pellet a small distance on a trajectory that you've planned carefully, as it ignites on contact with air.
-- the porpoise, Sep 24 2015

Makes me want to start smoking! Probably best to learn with a pipe, so you have a larger surface to catch the ball of potassium.
-- bungston, Sep 24 2015

I can highly recommend smoking. It's really, really nice. These days, it also marks you out as an affluent rebel.
-- MaxwellBuchanan, Sep 24 2015

Smoking sewage marks you as an effluent rebel.
-- popbottle, Feb 03 2017

^That's ok, just rub turmeric on the adjacent sides of your index and forefinger, no one will ever guess that you're a non-smoker..
-- not_morrison_rm, Feb 04 2017

/ no-one will ever guess/ When you laugh and they fail to hear the guttural gurgles of your deep phlegm reserves, they may catch on.
-- bungston, Feb 04 2017

// turmeric //

Nitroguanidine is better, the yellowing penetrates several layers of skin and lasts for ages. Easy to get, it's in many types of airbag. 2,4 - DNPH is just as good, but don't let it dry out. Or picric acid ... easy to make.
-- 8th of 7, Feb 04 2017

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