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Slightly concave mirrored garage door.

Three reasons:

Firstly, you'd notice when your headlights needed fixing. Secondly, your house would look more 'bling' and your neighbours would be impressed. Thirdly, if your slightly concave mirrored garage door was angled correctly, it could heat a small cup of water left on the windowsill of the people who live opposite you, gifting them an eco-friendly cuppa.
-- Fishrat, Dec 26 2007

A Kapoorian Blob
He likes big curvy mirrors. [wagster, Dec 26 2007]

[normzone, Dec 28 2007]

I'm going to counter one of those +
-- xenzag, Dec 26 2007

Well, the eco friendly bit sounds good, but are you sure this would save more energy than it would take to make it? And I'm guessing that this door isn't made of mylar (prohibitively expensive) so would most likely be too heavy to open by hand. Thus you also have to factor in the carbon footprint of the door opener.

Unless your opposite neighbour had one too, and you could run the door opener off a solar panel positioned to accept the rays from across the street.

This might be a problem if his door was already open when you arrived home in a rush or bad mood, and you powered down the driveway furiously pressing the opener button to no avail...

However, there is a built in safety feature that I like. As you hurtle towards destruction, a real image of your car would appear right before your eyes, causing you instinctively to slam on the brakes and screech to a halt.
-- egbert, Dec 26 2007

Anish Kapoor and his garage door....
-- wagster, Dec 26 2007

Assuming you arrive home from work at the same time each day, you might have a series of burned arcs across your lawn and driveway, with an analemma-shaped unburned figure after a year's time. Broken, of course, by Daylight Savings (Summer) time offsets.
-- lurch, Dec 26 2007


Learning the definition of anelemma is my something new for today.
-- 2 fries shy of a happy meal, Dec 26 2007

If you did manage to catch the sun at the right angle, you would have one of my favorite ideas, the eco-friendly solar powered death ray. This idea was Archimedes.
-- saxman, Dec 26 2007

// Broken, of course, by Daylight Savings (Summer) time offsets. //

No, DST would not affect the actual behaviour of the sun's position, just your perception of it.
-- 8th of 7, Dec 26 2007

It affects the time I get to leave work.
-- lurch, Dec 27 2007

For about two days now, I have resisted the temptation to post the idea "Something Else Too Polish".

This is not, mind you, because I fear the m-f-d echo/pun, by no means. It's simply because I can't think of any description of said "idea" that would make the whole notion worth the effort. A tank with 4 gears in reverse was a starting point.... Oh well.
-- globaltourniquet, Dec 28 2007

// A tank with 4 gears in reverse was a starting point //

<Paddington special hard stare>

The Poles fought like tigers in WW2, despite manifest disadvantages - unlike the French - so that is somewhat unfair......


Something "Too Polish" would probably be John-Paul II branded Communion Vodka,
-- 8th of 7, Dec 28 2007

With beetroot and cabbage garnish ?
-- 8th of 7, Dec 28 2007

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