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'Give' mp3s to friends etc, without the problem of legality.

In a few weeks it'll be my friends birthday. I want to give them a cd, bought from the iTunes store (I'm too lazy to go out there and buy it myself), but then I've got the problem of legality. Can't someone make it so as that you can 'gift' a song to someone (like a friend, family member, etc), and the song just disappears from your computer, so as the legal sharks won't get on your tail, if they ever find out?
-- froglet, May 25 2005

malicious use of DRM technology http://en.wikipedia..._protection_scandal
[xaviergisz, Nov 15 2006]

//Can't someone make it so as //

But how? Nice idea here but I would like to see you elaborate. Withholding bun untill.
-- zeno, May 25 2005

Well, like how you e-mail attachments to people, but permanent.
-- froglet, May 25 2005

Couldn't you just delete the copy from your hard drive, sort of like the way you go up to a counter and pay for the item you've just picked up instead of stuffing it under your shirt?
-- justaguy, May 25 2005

//Couldn't you just delete the copy from your hard drive?// Now, where's the fun in that?
-- froglet, May 27 2005

The fun is in NOT deleting it. Much like the given comparison.
-- justaguy, May 27 2005

It should be fairly easy for iTunes to allow a song to be sent to another account assuming the sender knew the reciever's username. It would be like putting money into someone else's bank account.
-- stilgar, Nov 14 2006

I have a problem with the deletion part of this idea. In order for it to be regulated so that you can't send music you've already made a backup of, some kind of rootkit would have to be installed on your computer that would limit your computing freedom, kind of like what Sony did with Windows. Bad idea.
-- Alex Yeh, Nov 15 2006

And there's still the problem of being able to connect the speaker port of one computer to the microphone port of another.
-- ihope127, Nov 15 2006

Isn't this just one of the manefestations of DRM (Digital Rights Management) - a malicious and insidious technology which will be incorporated into every piece of software, song, CD, DVD, computer and electronic device in the near future.
-- xaviergisz, Nov 15 2006

What's malicious about requiring that people be paid for work that they've done?
-- angel, Nov 15 2006

<rant>Because this 20th-century "information as a product" notion is absurd.</rant>

A believe that artists should be compensated for their work. However the industry needs to be reinvented now that technological infrastructure has made the distribution of large amounts of information trivial. DRM is but a hack designed to pull the carpet over a bad business model.
-- ed, Nov 15 2006

[frog] If it's really an MP3, there is no DRM. Just give it to your friend, then remove it from your machine. Your intentions are clearly in the right place, and I can't imagine anyone convicting you of stealing, since you aren't. You don't need a corporation controlling your every action to do the right thing.

Generally, you're right. This seems to be one (of many) flaw of DRM schemes - they at the very least make giving a song difficult.
-- Worldgineer, Nov 15 2006

free love, man!
-- abhorsen1983, Nov 16 2006

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