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Science: Spacecraft
Spacefaring Programmed Wombs   (+3)  [vote for, against]
GMO Spacecraft

Microbes are thought to be able to survive interplanetary journeys. The idea is to genetically engineer microbe "carriers" imbued with human eggs/sperm/DNA and genetically programmed to grow into factory organisms upon contact with certain elements (water, oxygen, nutrients). Billions of such carriers could be launched into the galaxy with very little energy. The factory organism is an animal/plant that beings life as a carrier microbe, grows into an artificial womb, and matures into a life-giving home for its child occupants by year 10. Imagine human children emerging from the few, but still many, successful eggs on distant worlds.
-- the porpoise, Apr 13 2016

(?) Inspiration Pre-Embryonic_20Astronauts
[the porpoise, Apr 13 2016]

As mentioned in an annotation. [Vernon, Apr 14 2016]

// Imagine human children emerging from the few, but still many, successful eggs on distant worlds.//

I have tried to imagine it, and it's a nightmare.
-- MaxwellBuchanan, Apr 13 2016

It's a nightmare, but I like it anyway.
-- Voice, Apr 13 2016

Olaf Stap!edon suggested something very similar in 1930 but maybe this idea inspired him.
-- nineteenthly, Apr 14 2016

The "inspiration" appears to have been deleted. Perhaps it was because that Idea wasn't so original, after all (per a story I linked, and will link again, here --it's a good story!).
-- Vernon, Apr 14 2016

Sorry P, yes, I took the "Pre-Embryonic Astronauts" idea down as having been baked.

Got some un-baked variations of the idea I'm toying with though.
-- doctorremulac3, Apr 14 2016

I think I've seen Stapledon around here, so maybe he did lift it. Damned artists and their stealing ways.

Yeah this is probably baeked in sci-if. Haven't read the story yet [vern].
-- the porpoise, Apr 14 2016

It takes more than a womb (spacefaring or otherwise) to chaperone a newborne to a point where it can fare for itself.
-- zen_tom, Apr 14 2016

-- 2 fries shy of a happy meal, Apr 14 2016

[the_porpoise], the help file says " baked - a snarky way of saying "widely known to exist". "

I think what you mean is " preheated ". Although the spelling "baek" is related to a common Korean surname and a style of Taekwondo, if that's what you were getting at ;-)
-- normzone, Apr 14 2016

/Imagine human children emerging from the few, but still many, successful eggs on distant worlds./

I imagine them moistly lying around for a short while, hoping for milk, then succumbing to the elements. I am going to imagine something else now.
-- bungston, Apr 14 2016

Yea, I'm missing the robotic / automated parenting and education part that my idea had. (and other ideas before it)

Even if you keep them alive, you can't expect them to know what's going on. They'd be like "Who are we, how did we get here and why are we all dying?"

If they could speak, which of course they couldn't.
-- doctorremulac3, Apr 14 2016

It's possible that some wide-ranging wombs would be intercepted by aliens, who would track them back to Earth and then assimilate us.
-- whatrock, Apr 14 2016


Or grow them up, be impressed at how awesome and easy to train they are, and breed a human army. Who conquer them, and subsequently show up and conquer us. But they realize that earth folks are super good looking (well, the ladies are) and plus there are places with excellent food and so they refrain from killing us all. 500 year later the result is a bunch of alien words and 2 extra letters in the English language.

Everything is a SF premise to me these days, it seems. I like the space legions of the Khan showing up to conquer a new world but being coopted by the people and aspects of the new world as above. At the end it is revealed that this world seeded earth with its sentient species in the first place.
-- bungston, Apr 15 2016

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