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Food: Salad
Spam Salad Shooter   (+2)  [vote for, against]
Place cubed spam in dispenser and whip with aerosol mayo.

Two components made of durable and washable clear plastic:

1. The outer, a sleeve made from plastic in cylindrical form.

2. The inner, a piston made from plastic.
a. This piston fits into the outer sleeve, and slides freely therein.
b. The piston cuff is a tube of plastic held to push or pull the piston.

When one prepares food and has cut or chopped all the indredients to the desired consistency -- load the Spam Salad Shooter in the following manner:

1. Holding the piston cuff, insert the piston into the sleeve.

2. Continue holding the cuff while loading the sleeve with chopped ingredients.

3. Insert a can of aerosol mayo into the cuff tubing and bend the cuff.
a. Hold the free hand over the open sleeve end, or
b. Place the open sleeve end over a receiving surface.

The aerosol mayo will froth up and surround any ingredients in the sleeve and blend everything together. When enough mayo is inside the sleeve, withdraw the aerosol mayo can and expell the remaining salad from the sleeve by pushing up the cuff with either remaining free hand.

Questions? See Link. Bon Appetit!
-- reensure, Aug 10 2002

Spam Salad Shooter Schematic http://personal.atl...hooter%20Image.html
[reensure, Aug 10 2002]

it's a great idea, but I didn't know people actually ate spam..
-- Mr Burns, Aug 10 2002

Is this a weapon?
-- DrCurry, Aug 10 2002

Where can you get aerosol mayonnaise?
-- BinaryCookies, Aug 10 2002

-- Mayfly, Aug 10 2002

perhaps Bin wants to buy some.
-- po, Aug 10 2002

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