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Sparky's Grounded Coat Rack   (+7)  [vote for, against]
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Dry winter air helps breed dangerous static charges on your clothes and your body, these charges can destroy sensitive home electronics on contact.

On cold, dry days, most people remove their jacket or sweater only to be greeted by a series of sparks, shocks and frizzy hair until they reach over and touch something grounded.

Just plug Sparky's Grounded Coat Rack into any 3 prong electrical outlet and he helps dissipate charges built up on your clothes and body when you hang them up. When you touch the rack to hang your coat, charges are diverted from your body and your clothes straight to ground. A little resistance in the ground connection prevents the full-on ZAP that numbs your fingers and can be heard across the room.
-- Mr Burns, Dec 16 2004

"If it's Sparky's, it's Electric!"
-- bristolz, Dec 16 2004

But where's the pony tail holder? I don't get it...
-- blissmiss, Dec 16 2004

As long as you're plugging it in, why not add a heater to dry your jacket?
-- Worldgineer, Dec 16 2004

//Just plug Sparky's Grounded Coat Rack into any 3 prong electrical outlet//
More detail required on the electrical side in order to avoid Mr Nasty Electrical Burns (no relation) Why not have an anti static strap onto the nearest earth here you hang your coat?
-- gnomethang, Dec 16 2004

In the US, a 3-pronged outlet has a hot, neutral, and ground. The ground literally goes to the ground. I assume two of the prongs in this device would go nowhere.
-- Worldgineer, Dec 16 2004

It could just be a single prong. The hot and neutral prongs could be nonexistant, or they could be rubber (just so you don't feel like you're a pervert).
-- shapu, Dec 16 2004

what blissy said!
-- po, Dec 16 2004

Bear in mind all you nay-sayers, all electical appliances with metal casings are plugged into the mains and earthed in the manner proposed. Toasters are a classic example - they're no more or less safe than Sparky's Grounded Coat Rack
-- wagster, Dec 16 2004

Quite a bit more safe, I'd say. Dropping this in your bath would do nothing. Except, perhaps, get all of your coats wet. And possibly confuse and bang up anyone in your bath.
-- Worldgineer, Dec 16 2004

They'd be warm, though.
-- shapu, Dec 16 2004

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