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Boomboxes are just so '80s.

Back in the '80s, people carried giant boomboxes against their heads that sucked down 'D' batteries and damaged spines from carrying such a heavy load on one shoulder.

Now, in 2003, we need a more graceful solution to having portable audio while also letting passers-by know what kind of music makes you cool. I suggest a hat with small yet sleek built-in speakers on either side, in several different styles. It has a standard 1/8" headphone jack that runs down the back and can plug into your MP3 player or minidisc player. Optionally it could come with a built-in battery pack for amplification.

Just be sure to put it away when it rains. Or buy one of those novelty umbrella-hats to append to your head.
-- jivetalkinrobot, Sep 17 2003

Nearly there
As usual, it's only a matter of time. [moomintroll, Oct 06 2006]

"D, motherfucker. D!"
-- DeathNinja, Sep 17 2003

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