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Self-fulfilling Rule 34 type thing

A website where you can enter the specialisation you wish to be informed about and subscribe to receive it.

The website will search for related data and then be assembled by a human editor.

There could also be a random specialist magazine generator that just uses random words to create a magazine.

If people come, you will build it.
-- marklar, May 17 2011

Rings Wings Bings Mings Stings & Tings Magazine
[zen_tom, May 18 2021]

This seems to be baked in a semi-hidden way, doesn't it? Whatever websites you visit, ever, become part of a profile that informs what ads you are served as well as how Google and other search engines prioritize other search hits for you.
-- a1, May 18 2021

Yes but was that the case 10 years ago?
-- pocmloc, May 18 2021

Many 'specialist magazines' have moved online now, - apparently...
-- hippo, May 18 2021

// but was that the case 10 years ago //

I think it was. The trend probably started around the same time as Google did, late 1990's, whether or not we give Google full credit for starting it.

And I say it's "semi-hidden" because a lot of people don't notice it. My favorite search engine magic trick is to have someone perform a one search and note the top hits, then do an apparently unrelated search - and then repeat the first search to see how the top hits differ. This is the search engine making its guess about what "you wish to be informed about." But people always seem surprised when I show them.
-- a1, May 18 2021

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