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I have just seen some of the high-speed images of liquids caught in the act of splashing [link provided below]

Click that link now and gaze at the pretty imagery for a while...

Instants of time, forever frozen on film.

Now imagine doing the same thing, on a large scale, with a more viscous material, at a temperature above its natural boiling point.

Now imagine what would happen if you were able to drop say a cricket, cannon or some other ball into the liquid, and, at just the right moment, flood the room with liquid nitrogen (or in some way drastically lower the room temperature) so as to solidify the material mid splash.

The result, fancy dishes depicting instants of time, frozen in reality.
-- zen_tom, Sep 21 2005 (milk)
thanks to po for finding the link [zen_tom, Sep 21 2005]

(?) A specific example from the same site
[zen_tom, Sep 21 2005]

[Dub, Sep 22 2005]

I think you mean just above it's freezing point. You wouldn't need to flood the room though, just radiantly heat the surface of the liquid while keeping the gas above at a very cold temperature. I'm not sure if it would work, but bun for the effort.
-- Worldgineer, Sep 21 2005

And if your liquid were, oh, say chocolate? With other frozen splash yummies nestled within.
You'd have quite a commodity on your hands.
-- 2 fries shy of a happy meal, Sep 22 2005

Oh my dog, I like that 2fries - I like that a LOT - perhaps as a kind of grown up alternative to gaudy kids easter eggs - I've just decided to become a master chocolatier!
-- zen_tom, Sep 22 2005

Nice links. Very beautiful.

[zen_tom]You wana have a word with someone on Murano, and see if they'll knock/blow something up for you. They're mostly very nice about that sort of thing, I'm sure. I'll pop-in next time I'm over, if you like. It'd be a pleasure.

Have you ever noticed the 'englobulation' you get on McDonald's black coffee, when you drag the polystyrene cup gently across the table surface. A 'Poly' friend of mine pointed this out years ago. It still fascinates me.
-- Dub, Sep 22 2005

//a more viscous material// Glass?
-- Shz, Sep 22 2005

[Shz] Sorry, I should have added a link. I have now.
-- Dub, Sep 22 2005

Would you have drops floating in air?
-- ldischler, Sep 22 2005

Rapid depressurization would be another method of quick cooling.
-- daseva, Sep 22 2005

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